Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little One

Fragile and tender
Delicate and pure
Oh! innocence incarnate!
Do i dare carry you?
Urges are so strong
to hold you in my arms.
I fear I might hurt
Those tiny fingers
the minuscule toes
the cute round nose.
Those eyes that bore into me
Melt my heart so.

How amazing a creation you are.
Your mother's an artist
and you, her masterpiece.
Soft pink skin.
big black eyes.
hair all over
to be replaced soon.
small mouth that controls
without speaking any words.
So amazing and wondrous are you
That I am forced to reconsider
if anything more powerful
than oneself
does exist around us after all.

Such perfection. So ethereal.
Makes me wonder
if you're human at all.
Seems almost impossible
That people capable of horror
create something
so heavenly and intricate.

Every move you make
is a wonder to my eyes.
the twitch of your finger
while you sleep oh! so peacefully
the slow curving of your tender lips
into the sweetest smile, ever.
Or the frown on your forehead
when something causing displeasure
appears in your unknown dreams.
Even your blood curdling scream
when you are hungry
or long for your creator.
Even that doesn't cause me
to screw up my face!

What is it in you?
that makes me
want to ensure
the world is worthy of you?
for all times to come?
You. Whom I hardly know.
But you. for whom I would do anything.
Anything for your smile
Anything for your happiness.
I'd fight the world for you.

Little one,
Stay safe and happy.
Your gurgling laughter
Your meaningless babble
are my music.
my peace of mind.
My inspiration
for a better world.
for more like you to come.

First Glimpses & Lost Times

This is dedicated to the ladies in the KGBVs (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas)  in the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh who gave me the most amazing and memorable times in the most unexpected corners.  The early morning chats around the fires as they cooked for the 100 boisterous girls who had come away from homes to study and learn a different world. The endless questions. The shocked expressions on learning the difference in the world. And the pure love and affection shown in the simplest, most touching manners- a cup of tea on a cold morning made specially for me, the water heated up for me, the special pieces of sweets, the walks to the market to get me something to remember them by (as if I would need to be reminded!). That Blue Chain around my ankle is my constant source of peace and agitation to definitely do something for people like Ginabai. Who love a stranger unconditionally. So easily. It stuns me when i think of it everyday. Ginabai and the Ladies - - - I miss you.


I look out the window
at the moving scenery
Into the pseudo-darkness
I see hills far into the distance
Like a mirage in the desert.
Shimmering in the first rays
of this new day.

Not a soul in sight
Left or right.
Seemed such a sorry plight.
And then,
They appeared.
tall, dark and significant.
And starkly beautiful.
Seemed like life emerging
out of a deep dead cemetery.
dark, thick, misty and ominous.
Yet full of hope.

And as the sun
showeth its glory
on this desert land,
I came to realise,
It wasn't all sand.
There was greenery.
Majestic mountains.Sublime trees.
beautiful smiles.

And strange and unknown
as this land so is,
it evoked nostalgia.
Of a people
who became my own.
In another similar strange harsh land.
In a short period of time.
Unlike any other kind.
And that warmed my heart.
On a cold winter dawn.
Encouraged my feet.
To take the step.
The many many steps.
Towards a better future.
All in remembrance
of those wonderful people.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This is what you are to me...

This was written by Vatsala Sharma, my soul sister... to me.... :) :) :) and its dedicated back to her.... :-*

They seek friend in their companion
but i got companion in you my friend!
you stand right next to me
invisible you are yet strongly
i feel your presence evidently
giving me space to be me
similar in so many ways are we

You can see my unshed tears
all my deep down fears
thus i call you my comfort zone
i look for you when am alone

You are my missing link
between who i am and what i think
you are my inspiration
to seek my own explanation
(of what is and what was)
This is what you are to me
an elixir of life indeed.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

So what if...

I don't love you. So what if
I just happen to remember you every minute?

I don't love you. So what if
My heart skips a beat when you say my name?

I don't love you. So what if
I feel my mind drifting to you
when I can't sleep?

I don't love you. So what if
I lose sleep in those never ending thoughts of you?

I don't love you. So what if
all I do is wait for you to arrive and
imagine you walking through those gates,
Into my arms?

I don't love you. So what if
your smile and voice warm my heart up.
And make me feel good inside?

I don't love you. So what if
I keep fantasizing of what all we'll do
when we're together?

I don't love you. So what if
I want to sit with you holding your hand?

I don't love you. So what if
I crave for your touch and your arms around me?

I don't love you. So what if
I'm saying this
just to be safe?

So what if I don't say I love you?
Can you not see?
How I show it?
My eyes scanning everywhere for you.
My lips thirsting for you.
My touch as it caresses you.

Must I say it as well?
Must words always be the sign?
Can you not feel it?
Enveloping you all the time?

So what if I don't say it?

I live it.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Wish you'd understand
My ignoring is me giving space.

Wish you'd understand
This ignoring is killing me.

Wish you'd understand
I just need recognition.
From you.

Wish you'd understand
the unsaid things thundering to be said
in a million ways except speech.

Wish you'd understand
I want you. I wish for you.

Wish you'd understand
My frustration is this distance.
Geographic and cardiac.

Wish you'd understand
How you haunt my dreams.
Day and Night.

Wish you'd understand
How this stargazer
sees you.
In the focus of her gaze.

Wish you'd understand
How everything seems bland.
Till you come along.

Wish you'd understand
That you ought to give me a chance.

Wish you'd understand
That every time I do something
I long for you.
Adjacent to me.

Hope you've understood.
Some understanding is all I ask.

All this.
I wish.
Don't understand why.
Wish I understood.