Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just Because

Just because
forwards are boring. 

Just because
it is nice to know what a person is thinking. 

Just because
I want to write.

Just because 
I want to share. 

Just because
I want you to know. 

Just because
I am happy. 

Just because
I want to put a smile on someone else's face!

Just because
it has been a long time. 

Just because
practice apparently makes perfect!

Just because
it is fun!

Just because
we have only this one life!

Just because
there are so many reasons!

Just because
I don't need any reasons
to tell you that I am fond of you! :)

Bus Rides

I love them.
How there are so many living stories travelling together in seemingly same directions.
I love the pulsating dynamics between people without words being spoken.
I love how i don't feel myself but see myself through another's eyes that are still mine.
I love being watched. I love watching myself.
I love receiving reactions. I love not responding to any reaction.
I love the indifference.
I love how there is solidarity among strangers. A utopia for a fraction of time.
How when a stranger touches me, it creates a plunge in my stomach n then increases my blood flow.
And then i calm down and realise what calm is.
I love to see how people use time. How i do so.
How two strangers talk as if they've known each other for years.
And part as if nothing happened.
The detached attachment.That i want to achieve.
I love meeting people for that short span of time n have some of them etched in my memory for a spectrum of reasons.
I love the colors that go by. In landscapes and on people.
I love the wind. Blowing on everyone.
I love the trees that whoosh by.
And at night they get their two seconds of limelight in the bus headlights,
as each cranes out their branches n then branches back into the darkness.
Symbolic of life. We come,live and go. Like millions of others.
I love watching the distant lights go by.
The various smells.
All telling their own story.
How i can create so many stories on the basis of that one moment.
How it all plays out in my head.
How it all inspires.
How it transpires.
How it makes me perspire.
How i love travel while travelling. 
I love them, i do.


Flitting from one profound collision to next, 
all so effortlessly, 
Should one not falter for a moment
from the impact of the first?
Or is the second concussion
the fumbling attempt to grasp the first one?
This fumbling, faltering and flitting
seems to make life; 
Sometimes oh! so worthwhile. 
And sometimes yet, so chaotic. 
As I try to unscramble the pandemonium each day, 
I chance upon purity and sheer beauty
that can take me from 
chaotic comprehension 
to planes of sublime emotion like
Songs that move me to tears of joy
Amid all this swooshing and crashing.
That is what I want. 
Someone to share all this with. 
That is what I want.
To traverse emotions and thoughts together
through an event or a non-event. 
That is what I want. 
To feel the joy of discovering someone else
who feels as crazily about anything and something. 
That is what I want. 
To feel fear, insecurity, uncertainty, 
and consequently, solidarity.
That is what I want. 
To challenge and stimulate
and have that reciprocated. 
That is what I want. 
To share this chaos in my head
and be in the eye of someone else's tornado. 
That is what I want. 
To be alive with someone. 
That is what I want. 
For someone to want with me!
That is what I want.
To have fleets of kairos.
And flit effortlessly
from one profound collision to the next.

Credit for the Title: Arjun Dutta :)