Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A corner in the dark
Away from the nocturnal hustle bustle
Groping for each other
He pulls her hip towards him
She inhales his fragrance
Searches for something
beyond the lust in his eyes
kissing and feeling
orifices galore.
Stars and moon as witness.

Something is set off.
More base than she
ever cared to imagine.

And they played out 
their carnal fantasies
and lost themselves
in the midnight blue,
Ah! what an orgasmic hue!

Under the stars
deaf to the wind
that whistles in their ears.
Lost time and space
as they lived out an eternity.
In a moment.
A fraction of a moment.
A blank one.
Nothing except,
the highest pleasure.

And as quickly as it began, 
it ended.
The pleasure, as well as,
the pain that accompanies it.
Lingering and tingling, all over.
Until the next time, 
their urges pull them 
to another dark corner. 
Somewhere. Somehow.

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