Thursday, November 25, 2010


That one digit. The one number.
The one missed mouse click .
That letter of the alphabet.
All those commas, full-stops and semicolons.
That letter you forgot.
The phone call you missed.
That awful note that was writ.
The phone call you made.
That song. That trip. That meeting.
The person you befriended.
The person you loved. And the person you gave your heart to.
That question. And that regrettable answer.
The indicator you didn't put on.
Worse still, the helmet that you didn't.
The wrong turn on the road.
Worse still in life.
That step in the rain. Leading to immense pain.
The talk you had. The words said and those left unsaid.
That one hour.
The innocent nap. That fib.
That night. That extra shot.
The look. Oh that smooth drag.
The smile. the touch.
The decision. That surrender.
The non belief. The trust. The mistrust.
Him. Her. It.
Them. They.
Is and was. If's n but's.
Mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes!
There's another one.
That thought.
They're lessons learnt
Never to be forgotten.
Make them. Learn from them.
Forget them. Ignore them.
Build on them. Correct them.
Take advantage of them.
Do anything.
But don’t regret them.

1 comment:

  1. Intense! I love how the abrupt one-two words build up in a crescendo to a powerful end...'..But don't regret them.'