Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fake Magic Trick

Amidst all the grief and resentment and anger
I see a smile. On a small face. 
Eyes filled with wonder and amazement. 
And what unspeakable joy that one moment brings.
Makes me forget why i am so unspeakably unhappy
That happy innocent scene etched in my memory forever
Laughter and fake magic tricks 
Know what they taught me?
Happiness and faith in the unknown
Springs pleasant surprises in your way
Aah! the unpleasant ones come along too
But the former make up for it a thousandfold
So always remember that feeling 
When your eyes are closed and
Your hands are open to the unknown
Excitement and fear all entwined within
And you say jeeegooombaaaaaa!
(or abra kadabra or the equivalent!)
Life is a surprise. 
Enjoy it. 
Before someone comes and ruins the trick!

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