Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pack Rat - I

I close my eyes
You are looking at me.
So many times.
From so many months ago.
Fresh, however, in my mind.
Slowed it down
To last far longer.

You are saying something.
To me. On so many occasions
The words. Your tone.
Your gaze. Your smirk.
All the while being registered.
Now being recalled.
Replayed. Repetitively.
Reassuringly. Renegade is my mind.

You did something That one time.
Extended your arm.
In my direction.
Everyone around us
blurred till I
joined you.
our eyes never
moving away till then.

You sent me something.
A text. A mail.
A greeting. A wish.
Remembering. Reopening.
Revisiting the moment.
The joy. The anguish.
The embarrassment. The relief.
The comfortable silence.
All from you.

I open my eyes.
I eat something.
I listen to something.
I see something.
All transport me to
some catalogued memory
of you,
Coming alive again.
Stretched, in them, time to the hilt
till it freezes.
And I close my eyes again.
To reach you. 

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