Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Best Teacher

There is an entire dry patch of land with puddles of yesterday's showdown of water (possibly Mother Earth crying in pain from our relentless killing and exploitation).

Today's a drizzly day. It's like those heart wrenching moments. One moment tears are gushing out as if the sluice gates in our tear glands have been let open. Then as they tire and empty, it slows down to a trickle. Or a drizzle.

The drizzle falls on the dry land. And the puddles as well. The effect is seen first only on the puddles in the form of visible ripples that spread across its lenghth and breadth. Each drop of rain leaves an effect on the puddle. Alone they don't seem to be doing much but together they create a beautiful scene as if stars are winking. And slowly they add up and the ripples reach out, connect, mingle and spread.

More importantly, the effect of the steady gentle drizzle is soon enough seen on the parched patches as they too turn from arid and thirsty-looking to moist and alive. Some even have puddles taking birth in the same area. And giving off an intoxicating scent that wafts through the air rejuvenating life. This from the driest most lifeless parts.

Is not Nature the best teacher of life's important lessons as she silently, turning your environs into a classroom?

As I wonder, the drizzle slowly gains momentum and quenches the thirst of many more.. 

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