Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 27th Anniversary

Our actions disliked not us
Repeatedly hath thee told us.
Hope this act is liked by you.

On this day, another glorious year has passed.
of love, affection, understanding and respect.
of fun, joy, surprises and laughter.
of separation, longing, cherishing and realising,
how much she means to me.
how he is my all.
of prayer, spirituality and inner peace.
of transcendence, renunciation and happiness.

Here's wishing you many many more years
of togetherness, love and utmost joy!

Here it is.

A huge breath of air i take in
Every time I think of what you mean to me.
You've been the guiding light
the path finder in this chaos of life.
Find a direction in our aimless banter.
Though you'd like to give us credit,
we are what we are today
all because of you.
Your love and guidance.
Your patience and tolerance.
Your understanding and generosity.
Your wisdom and maturity.
Your ability to keep the spark alive.
In you and Us.
Your immensely huge heart.

How you morph, change and give space.
Just to help us, know us and love us more.
A rarity in today's era,
You are the epitome of the most unique
Deepest unconditional understanding love.
Giving us everything we need and want.
To grow, explore, learn and have fun.
Our happiness being your satisfaction,
you allow passions and dreams
to be followed to the end.
Assuring that you'll be there for us.
All the way.

On this day, know that
we're going to follow through
For you.
All the way.
To give the love you deserve and more.

Your voices. Your kisses. Your embrace.
Will remain with us.
No matter where we are.
Eternal you'll remain
Immortal in our hearts.
As we live your way
and pass you on to the world
and make it more beautiful
Because of you.
And only you.

You are the best. Ever. Forever.

We love you Appa and Amma.

Divya, Gopi, Amrita, Sriram.

(For 26/1/2010)

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