Thursday, February 11, 2010


A pinch.
That's what we need
To have things curtailed.
to feel the pain.
of having less.
To realize how much
we took things for granted.
How much we have to lose
if we don't live life
in simple moderation.

A pinch.
That's what we need.
A very tight one.
Till we feel the pressure
we don't seem to get moving.
A tight spot.
where it's hard to move.
We have to think twice
before you do anything.
Any of those things
we do so thoughtlessly today.
Without a care for the consequences.

A pinch.
What we don't want.
A very tight one.
Is going to begin.
Now. Very soon.
It is going to have
a very tight grasp
on our lives.
Watch it!
Be careful.
Or else
It will be
too very late
to save that which
we treasure the most.

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