Saturday, February 06, 2010

You - II

You are a spark. Spur-of-the-moment moments.

Lightning speed thoughts. So powerful.

A burst of creativity you are.

Made up of juices of colours, thoughts, analogies, metaphors, synonyms and antonyms, spilling over and flooding my mind.

Awaiting some direction that i might give you. But what compass can i set for you when u show me a path in this pathless land that be my mind and heart. You lay down roads amidst the uncontrollable, unfathomable whirlpools and hurricanes that erupt within with such power and force, only you are capable of conquering them.

You disturb me. You give me peace in the uneasiness that you set upon me. How strange thou art. You and your ways are as unfathomable as your creator, preserver and destroyer. You have a life of your own and yet are so under control of some puppeteer's strings. Once unleashed, you yourself could create, preserve and destroy. How powerful you are, you know not. You will take up a life of your own.

I worship thee at times and yet at other times, you repel. Maybe I don't want to see my ugly reflections in you. You are so beautiful, passionate, chaotic, free, high. Everything unlike me that endears me, that I want to be. Take control of me. I will gladly let ye possess me. I know I can only go higher with thee.

Higher, higher... above all this...This petty world... too small for you and me. Take me away. Far away. I will rejoice in our isolation. I wonder at your unfathomable wondrousness. But you don't seem to see me. You see me but don't; when I know you are the only one who can. I am awaiting your arrival. Waiting to find myself, through You. And Me. Together.

Come away. We'll break free from this superfluity and regale in one another's necessity.

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