Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sub: Request for an EoI

No.1, Somewhere on Earth,
Solar System,
Milky Way Galaxy,
Awesome Universe.

Dear Y.O.U,


M.E is interested in building a sustainable relationship in the calling of life and love. The policy of M.E. is unconditional passionate love,honesty, immense learning throughout, intellectualism, space to the individual for growth, fun-filled times, compassion, willingness to work through possibilities of proverbial storms together, travelling, adventure, reading, writing, growing old together.


This request for an Expression of Interest is directed at Y.O.U. who also has specialties in love and life, but more than 20 years of experience in the same. M.E. is requesting Y.O.U. to notice M.E. and how much M.E. and Y.O.U. can do together.


M.E. believes there is potential for mighty ardor between the two for a very long time to come. M.E. thinks that it is high time Y.O.U. realized this and broke the silence.

A preliminary meeting will have to take place and an agreement shall be drawn soon enough.


Unconditional Love: A powerful emotion that cannot be confined to words. Something that is of no use unless expressed. Unconditional meaning no matter what Y.O.U. does or says, M.E. promises life-long suport and togetherness and love.

Passionate: trait that will make the relationship unrestrained, alive, impulsive, impetuous, thrilling, stirring, warm, hot, sensuous.

Honesty: Virtue that implies Y.O.U and M.E. share and be open with each other.

Learning: Accumulation of anything and everything: facts, information,knowledge, wisdom, ideas, skills,thoughts and so on. Means a process that never stops till one decides we 'know' enough.

Intellectualism: this refers to accumulating, generating, debating and arguing avant-garde ideas, thoughts, ideologies or anything of any kind for that matter to keep the two parties intellectually stimulated.

Space: leaving room for another to grow and retain individuality and private arena. Thus allowing one to realize potentials and develop together.

Fun-Filled times: refers to anything that Y.O.U and M.E. will enjoy doing together (or alone, as the parties please, but preferably jointly).

Compassion: This implies that Y.O.U. and M.E. be kind and understanding with not only each other but all other creatures and try as best as possible to help others.

Willingness to work through proverbial storms: M.E. realizes that this is not going to be a cakewalk but with its ups and downs as everything else in life. But this doesn't mean that Y.O.U. and M.E. become mistrustful and suspicious of each other. But instead in times when storms are brewing in the horizon, stick together and tackle it jointly.

Travelling: this implies visting new places together and enriching their experiences.

Adventure: this refers to all activities that are new to the parties or give them an adrenaline rush. it can be adventure sports and the like or anything they want!

Reading and writing: the two parties shall be avid readers and share and discuss what has been read. And if they so wish they can write and share that too with each other and post-mortem it!

Growing old together: This implies M.E.'s commitment to maintaining a life-long relationship with Y.O.U. It basically means the parties will be together till the end of their days with love, trust, maturity, warmth, understanding and fun.


The interesting party pointed out should contact at:

No.1, Waiting Halls,
Patience Boulevard,
Excitement Street,
Planet Earth

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