Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She's all That!

It's silliness to restrict her to a few words
For she is a rare species.
But to the naked eye
She only seems extra-ordinary.
Takes so much more
to notice all that she is
and more.

One look. One glance.
And peals of laughter.
Hi-5s in the air.
Much to the chagrin of others
who are left wondering, always,
Who? what? where? when? why? how?

That's her and me.
Speak a dialect
that doesn't need words.
So perfect is the synchronisation!
We're a separate island.
She and Me! :)

So different she is from me.
From everyone.
Yet we're so similar.
She is someone
I'll cherish all my life.
She's a rare gem of a person.
Who holds a delicate balance
All within her, of
generosity, frankness,
mischief, intelligence,
anti-social elements,
intellect, sensitivity,
courage, silliness,
and Loyalty.

She's got it all.
She'll be there. I know.
However I need her.
Silent. or talking.
A hug. or a
"Spill it ! what's bothering you?"
She knows what to say.

and what not to.
She's beautiful too, you see.
Both inside and out.

Her courage is admirable.
Stoic that she is,
she doesn't intend wasting
life's precious moments
on tears and sorrow.
Rarely will you see her
displaying such emotion
despite her basket of problems.
She's wise too, you see!

She goes through phases.
a salwar-kameez phase, or
a jeans-n-tee phase.
or maybe even a haircut phase.
right now it's a book scenario!
She's knows how to have fun.
To keep things alive.
She'll keep the spark burning
and your good mood running.
She's fun-loving too, you see.

But don't mess with her.
Don't mistake her for delicate.
Don't try her patience too far.
Dare you not stifle her.
She wont take it lying down.
She'll be polite once, twice.
After that what will you get?
A piece of her inferno mind, that's what!
She's a firebrand too, you see!

She'll stand up for what's right.
She knows what she wants
and what she doesn't.
She's sure of herself, and
knows her way around.
She's got clarity too, you see.

She can be clever and cunning,
if need be.

She knows what's to be done.
She understands the need
of the mundane rigmaroles.
She'll go through with it
If it makes that special person
She's a sweetheart too, you see.

All in all,
words don't suffice
when it comes to her.
they just don't.
But just know this...
She's all That!

(Soul sisters it is Vats!! :P.. Love ya!)

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