Monday, January 11, 2010


It is in the air.
in the swaying of the trees.
in the sunlight caressing my face.
in the wind blowing through my hair.
in the riot of colours around me.
in my laughter. about nothing.
is in the cold weather sending tingles, head to toe.

Tis in the feeling of eternal hope.
This urgency to keep moving.
This music in my ears. In my heart.
The tunes playing everywhere.
Tis in everybody's face I see.

It's in the strength to overcome pain.
In this feeling of feeling beautiful.
It lies in the ability to play with words.
And convert abstract to concrete.
This power to see potential in everyone.
This patience and tolerance.
In the special way to bring a smile
on anyone's face.
It is in rejoicing in another's joys.
in this feeling of generosity
and a huge heart.

All this feeling of immense joy
lies after all,
All in Me.
And that's happiness.

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