Monday, January 11, 2010

Sounds of Silence

He lay in bed.
from the neighbour.
Signs of a day well spent.
Sounds of distant vehicles.
whooshing to unknown destinations.
crickets singing their nocturnal melodies.
but over and above all this
is the silence of the night.
eerie to some.
peaceful to him.

he hears something.
It's the voice in his head
which is suddenly so clear.
in the absence
of the clutter of daytime.
of the hullabaloo of mundaneness.

He wonders
where it comes from.
so loud and clear at night.
telling him very curious things.
about life.

Speaking volumes
it sends him
into whorls inside.
disturbing his sleep.
where does it go
during the day?

the answer too,
lies within him.
it lays buried deep within
arising from the layers
of his maze, the mind,
when he needs it the most.
helping him bounce back
during times of distress.

this intra mind debate
he wished he could
articulate to the world
this argument within him
which appears
as silence envelops him
and slowly,
like a lullaby
sends him to sleep,
for another night.

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