Monday, January 11, 2010

Two yet One

You came.
Lay down.
Near me.
You smiled.
I fell.
In love.
Over again.
like always.
your breath.
on my neck.
fingers interlocked.
legs entwined.
eyes caress.
each other.
soon enough.
lips locked.
eyes closed.
passions high.
neither beginning.
nor end.
of bodies.
love expressed.
one soul.
two persons.
together forever.
no matter.
what happens.
promises made.
not realizing.
for breaking.
brittle hearts.
they shatter.
like glass.
emotions high.
emotions low.
love's there.
but unexpressed.
so ignorant.
not listening.
part ways.
become memories.
nostalgic smiles.
painful tears.
love unwanted.
lessons learnt.
love recess.
heart longs.
better days.
in future.
left now.
is hope.
so quintessential.
for life.
to continue.
move on.
different people.
different places.
different winds.
for always.
love rises.
love returns.
love reigns.
for always.
for eternity.

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