Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vow for Vengeance

Crying and wailing
Tears of fear
Fear of the unknown
of this world
large and unknown to her
Came along a little girl
with brown dishevelled hair
hardly a few years
into this cruel world
but already abandoned
or so i am forced
to assume her state to be
or else why would anyone
with any semblance of a heart
let go of something so pure?
Allow her to fall prey
to this terrible fear
Become prey to this wretched world?

But why did he fear?
Why did i see a glint of fear in his eyes?
When this tiny lost creature
came to him with her pitiful wails
WHy didnt he pick her up?
reassure her with a touch of love?
What had he to lose?
He who was a veteran in this world?
Whose eyes had probably seen all ?

This human species that i belong to
I shamefully admit
is insecure to love
even a helpless child

Tears of shame
Tears of disgust
Tears of fear for her
pleading in my heart
to her
for forgiveness
for i who saw all this
Did nothing except feel
with a bleeding heart and curse

But i vow to avenge
Every such injustice,
Every such cruelty,
this heartlessness,
this insecurity....
This I promise......

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