Saturday, January 16, 2010


Flash! Like a bright ray of light bursting through the clouds on a grey day. You appear out of nowhere from the everywhere that you are. You can be anywhere. You take me by surprise.You are in everything sublime and mundane. Moving in quietly like a predator closing in on its prey. Floating into my mind like a feather. Like the waves crashing down on the shore. Like the leaves twirling to the ground when the branches rustle in the wind with the noise of the waves in the ocean.

You are omnipresent.

You are in someone's speech. In the classroom. In books, words and pictures. You are vibrant in the colours and take a form in stones. You are in mother's story. In a melody. In the twinkle in his eyes. In the smile on her lips. In a certain voice.

You are in every heartbeart, in every breath. You are in Me.

You blow in the wind. You arrive every morning in the filtered rays of the sun that stream through my balcony, on my face as I lay in bed. You are in the silver creamy sliver of moonlight on the terrace. In the shapes created by the stars. You fall with the raindrops in all the puddles around me.And on me. I can see you on the fresh dew drops on the green blades of grass.

You enter my mind and take control of my very being. My mind and heart conspire together in a plot to bring out your inherent beauty and bathe the world in all your glory.

You are an Idea.

You are Inspiration.

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