Monday, January 11, 2010


A positive child
That isn't a good thing.
He is dying.
At a tender age.
She is being killed every moment.
Will i be with her?
Will i touch him?
Will i hold her hand?
Will i carry him?
of Course!
Will i plant a kiss on her cheeks?

Of course, I'll eat with him!
Why dont you join me?
The food's safe. And he's harmless.
She's an angel.
What's the worst that can happen?
You'll fall in love with a child.
You'll get addicted to her smile.
His laughter. Their innocence.
Her zest for life. His mischief.
Your heart will melt.
You'll smile. You'll care.
You'll be angry at the world.
For rejecting them
for no fault of their own
You'll fight for something great.
Greater than yourself. Sublime.
For life.
That's not so bad now, is it?

What are you afraid of?
That you'll die?
We all have to one day.
Why not by giving a moment of joy?
to these cherubs.
To whom injustice is served each day.
By giving these souls some love.
That will last them their entire life.
(As if, 'entire' is so long!)

Have a heart.
Use your so called brilliant mind.
Get over your irrational fears.
Be human.
Prove that it is man-kind.
and not man-cruel.

(This was meant for World AIDS day. For all the people who are truly positive. For all those children who have been abandoned by their "own" and then given a new life by wonderful people. It is for all those people who are wonderful at heart.True unrecognized heroes.)

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