Monday, January 11, 2010

Multiple Personality Order

Such craziness and complexity
anger, sorrow and frustration.
Pressure building up,
leaking through in form of tears
control mechanisms setting in
to block the pressure release.

A schizophrenic-like syndrome
working itself out.
Enter Emotional Crazy Me
who is the main protagonist
awakening the dormant volcano inside.
She wants to enjoy, love, have fun.
But feels guilty, responsible,
angry and irritated..
Constantly fighting with the world
and its injustice
Detests the charade she has to play
Highest intolerance for heartlessness
Insatiable love for humanity, life and nature.
Constantly battling inside.
Bullets, tankers, missiles and bombs
All flying in different directions.
driving her to a breakdown.

Enter Rational Me.
The side who debates with E.C. Me.
counter argues and tries to appease her.
Calm her down but to no avail.
Only serves to irritate E.C. more.
She is the sensible, always calm,
justifying side.
She'll also soon go away
after her attempts
drown in E.C's emotions.

In comes Numb Me.
who is impacted neither by
Emotion nor rationality.
She is the antidote to E.C.
the true cure for the pressure.
She controls E.C. Calms her.
But she feels that
soon E.C. will overpower her.
as E.C is gaining strength, day-by-day.
And one day
she will burst upon the world
and none'll be able to stop her.
But for now,
Numbness has reigned her in.

E.C. is letting in Charade Me.
She is Numb's best friend!
They get along great.
Charade finds Rational boring.
Life's a party for charade.
where you might as well dance
while you are there.
She is always having fun
and is thoroughly carefree.
She is E.C's main competition
in dominating my personality.
She helps E.C socialize
in this world from where
she(E.C.) wants to flee.
She recharges E.C's batteries.

Now grand entrance of the second heroine.
Balanced Me.
She's a trapeze artiste.
Holds a delicate balancebetween frivolity and
the right amount of emotion.
She is one who is
at peace with her outrage.
She channelizes.
She appears calm and unruffled
on the surface.
But beneath it,
she's paddling vigorously
stirring storms. Coming alive.
Tearing them apart.
She is the calm before the storm.
And the after too.

Nobody knows her inside out.
Nobody ever will.
Dont come too close.
Or she'll go.
She's got her indignations
but she is pure in her thoughts.
She is working things out
you'll never comprehend.
And the comedy is,
neither does she!

Thus this chaos within
triggered by the smallest things
brings out the most
creativity and order.
That is the beauty
of this anarchy.

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