Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beginning of an End

Where are you i wonder everyday
i wonder why u changed
Why did i change?
I always wonder what u think of me
I hope and pray u don't hate me for what i did to you...
For breaking my promise(s) to you
I believe now in a higher being just
So i can have somewhere to turn to
When i want to wish you well
Everything rings a bell
Of the times we had
together, both good and bad
I dont know where to go or what to do
When i think of Us....
I thought i could forget you and love another
But my heart has become selfish with its love
It doesn't give itself away so easily
After we have drifted apart
My heart is storing away its love for the day
when we will be together
in a world where there are no worries
about anything or anyone
it is waiting...... for that other world.....
My heart cant ever come close to feeling
That way about another
The way it did about you
And it'll always be only for you
What i am trying to say is that
I am sorry and i miss you
I hope you can find it in yourself
To let me in a little bit

I know we cant be that way again
We've gone too far apart
And become too different
To be one again
The human heart and soul
dont understand logic
When it comes to you
and the way i feel about you
Try as i might, i cant make it see reason
It's adamant in its ways and thoughts..
Refusing to budge from memories of you...
So who am i to fight a losing battle?
What can i say except that......
I Love You...
And will always do so
Forever and ever more......

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