Saturday, January 16, 2010

Will You?

Every night before i sleep.
When i am roaming in my dreams.
In the morning when i fall out of slumber.
As i go through the daily routine of life.
Every time i enjoy something.
When i look at something beautiful.
Anything that inspires me.
(You being one major source)
I think of you.

I wish you'd notice me.
I wish you'd say something.
I wonder if you think of me.
I think I'm falling for you.
But I'm scared to tell you.
Afraid you might not feel the same.
and will move away.

I find myself happy around you.
I find my eyes searching for you
when I enter a room.
It's such a typical cliched scenario
I wonder if I'm just an actor in some script!
But I need to just look.
At your face.Your smile.
Listen to you talk.
And I know it's different.
You are.

I'm better around you.
I don't know about forever.

But when I'm waiting
for you to appear on the horizon
While i continue
with my charade of normalcy;
That seems an eternity.

Such a sense of relief rushes over me
When i hear you calling out my name
in your familiar voice and tone.
I want to know you.
I want you to know me.
I want to spend every waking moment
With You.
Enjoying the world together.
I know I shall enjoy your company.
Only more, if not as much as i do now.

So please.
Say something, will you?
Give me a sign, will you?

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