Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Be. Out there.

Sitting in the library.
where there are silent screams,
voices of thousands of ideas,
thoughts, efforts, philosophies.
I am caught spiralling within,
in the tornado inside me.
That even as I write and think
there is much happening out there
that I want to be a part of.

Doesn't it amaze anyone enough?
The cunning plan to outdo a system,
of inequity, injustice and exploitation,
taking shape, around
fires within and without,
in the jungles somewhere.
Right this instant. This second.

People moving around,
renouncing the high pleasures of life,
in this opulence of today,
telling people the reality
Empowering them and
fighting for their lives.
Right now.

People running for their lives
from bombs, bullets, missiles
and people.
Animals struggling for survival
as we encroach on their homes
and kill them when they enter ours
having been rendered homeless.
People dying
trying to save these co-inhabitants.
People dying (rather killed)
trying to set a new social order
by fighting political goons, social autocrats
and economic tyrants.
Every minute. Every moment.

People so high on themselves
and their puny lives,
that they don't get off
their high horses
to see reality
from a worm's eye view.

Some religiously learning.
Some dreaming of a future
when they are done studying.
Not knowing we will be
a student, for always.
Teachers burying us in assignments,
tests and examinations,
so reality and time flying by
don't hit us and create an urgency
to quit and begin doing.

Parents going about their duties
in hopes of a better future
for their children.
worrying every minute
they are apart.
and yet others, unknowingly
and knowingly,
ruining lives of their innocent.

People living in the past
oblivious of the present
and their potential
to make it magnificent.Now.
People living in the future
and doing nothing
to reach the dream destination. Now.

Couples floating
on the clouds of love.
The power and energy
of the flame.
Their adoring consummation
complementing very life itself.

Persons waiting for love
to hit them like a thousand boulders,
so they get a better life,
miss out on it
when it silently creeps
through the cracks
when they're least expecting it.
In a wink.

Now sitting in classroom.
listening to the droning of an old man.
Transported by music
through a plethora
of emotions and phenomena.
Considering the power of music.
Someone creating it right now.
A verse. A melody.
A statue. A necklace.
An act of love.
Tears and laughter.
Joy and sorrow.
War and Peace.
All in this passing second.

Realisation of life out there.
Happening. Beating.Thomping.
Pulsating.Vibrating. Oscillating.
And the yearning begins.
as powerful as ever.
to take it all in.
To Be.
Done with imagining.
I want, now,
To Be.
Out There.

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