Monday, January 11, 2010

Falling Forever

Sitting in the classroom
constantly glancing at the clock
avoiding the professor and his
monotonous bashing on my ears.
My mind moves to its happy place
Where you play a very prominent role.

As the clock nears break time
My heart tempo increases
It's nearing the time when
I might catch a glimpse of you
exchange pleasantries
Imprint your smile and
the twinkle in your eyes,
yet again, in my mind.
So I may replay it
over and over.
To get through the next monotone.
Through to the end of the day
when I can leisurely
Admire you to my heart's content.

When we bid farewell for the day
I wonder if tomorrow
will be different.
Will you say anything more?
Will I pluck enough courage
To tell you my realizations?
That I'm falling for you.
And very fast.
Somebody very wisely said
Happiness lies in the pursuit
Not in the achievement.
But what if this pursuit
led to no achievement?
I fear we'll lose
What little we have
that I hold very dear.
I'm afraid of what
You'll have to say.

So I guess...
I'm falling forever.
Unless of course,
You stop by. To catch me.

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