Monday, January 11, 2010


Yearning to cuddle.
To lie in a soft bed.
Him against the pillows.
My head against his shoulders.
Ears listening to his hearbeat.
His arms wrapped around me
and fingers occasionally
playing with my hair.
My arms holding his body.
oh so divine.

Feeling the contours of our bodies.
Feeling each others' warmth
coming together in between.
Feeling him breathe on me
as he kisses my forehead
so very tenderly, lovingly.
I close my eyes in satisfaction.
a smile spreads across my face
as his kiss lingers on for a while.

I take in the scent of his body.
Wishing to freeze time.
only him and me existing.
time, space, life ceasing to function.
Where the only sounds are
his breathing, heartbeat and kiss.
Music is him saying,
"i love you"
Winter is when
he moves his arms away.
Summer is when
he brings them closer.

As I soak in the moment
to a place
which never seems to fill,
I yearn for more.
and only more.

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