Monday, January 11, 2010

Land of Fantasies

This land where
with all my imperfections,
all is ok. Perfect even.
This land where
all my dreams come true.
In all their glory, beauty and light.

This land where
I have an adrenaline rush.
This land which
is my happy place. Comfort zone.

This land which is nowhere
and anywhere.
This land which
cannot be found on any map.
It gets mapped everyday.
I'm the cartographer.

This land of fantasies
where beaches are empty.
Skies are blue.
Star shine at night.
And I'm with you.
Under shooting stars.

This land of fantasies
where i jump into cold ocean water
on a sultry day
and float with the waves.
Catch a large one
and crash on the shore.

This land of fantasies
where i sing my heart out
to a crowd cheering loud.
And play the drums
to the rhythm of my joy.
Play the piano
to the tune of my heart's song.

This land where
i run along green pastures
See sunrises and sunsets
Catch the orange, yellow
red and pink rays.
Feel the warmth on my body.
And tingle from head to toe.

This land where
when tired of conditioning
I'm surrounded by children
Not yet brainwashed.
Laugh, question
Happy in less
Imagine freely, wildly.
Play, sing and be free
become a child.
forget myself. Unlearn.

My land of fantasies
where i have my closest with me
high on happiness, music
and maybe something liquid too!
When the night is always young
and we dance our way
into glorious mornings.

My land of fantasies
where I exclude
Take only those special people
And a plethora of books.
Which are voraciously gobbled up.
We argue debate and fantasize.
Plan, plot, plant and play.
Rise above the petty and mundane.
To a higher place.
Forget systems and institutions
set to chain us down.
Break free. Create another domain.
That's just us.
Rejoice in freedom.

My land of fantasies
Stuff of dreams and utopia
is far away from here.
Very near You.
Helps survive this cruelty.
Gives me strength.
Fuel to change this heartlessness.
Spruces me up to work
Towards peace, hope and joy.

This land of fantasies.
It is Me.

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