Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your Doing

Eyes darting
Ears alert
jumping with joy
heart in my mouth
stomach's a knot
how much more convoluted can i get?

Happy. Angry.
Tense. Joyous.
Nervous. Crazy.
Terse. screaming.
Lame. Laughing.
Giggling. Cussing.

Never so quickly
have moods swung within.
and it's all your doing.
What did history know
of Torture?
they should have
learnt from you.

Ask my heart
which is racing
Ask my mind
which is pacing

My body too.
Knees are jell-o
Hands shivering
fingers are cold.
feet heavy as stone.
Mouth dry as a desert.

What to do?
where to go?
Released yet captured.
Just waiting for a word or two.

The Wait.
Oh! unbearable time!
An hour or two
seem never to pass

And it's all your doing.
Undo this.
Do something.
Say something.
feel something.

And soon.

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