Monday, May 03, 2010

Alarming Alarm

Wake up!
Wake up!
The alarm's ringing.
Do you not hear it?
It isn't the ordinary alarm
you set for every morning
to wake up
to begin another day
This alarm should disturb
Your very rhythm of life
not just your REM
Its an alarming alarm
Alarms me
how you're so wanton
This is no ordinary alarm
It's a damned caveat
to get out of your rigmarole
Pare it all off
the plugs from your ears
the blinds from your eyes
the stone off your heart

Reach out
to all the creatures
walking the face of this Earth
And i mean even the humans.
Be not afraid
You have nothing to lose
and only everything to gain
forget the mores
Make this earth consummate
before it becomes a dystopia
and all one can hear
are awful dirges from nature
rather than the euphonious
melodies that emerge today
that we so rejoice in.

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