Friday, May 14, 2010

Psychic Prison

Stuck inside my head
Hearing only my voice
Dripping with anger and hatred
my real feelings
Vengeance. Fear. Violence.
Bubbling and simmering within
Threatening to overflow
from the emotional jacuzzi
that's gently massaging the negativity
Crooning with the scars.
painfully removing the scabs
that took an eternity to reach.
Re-opening the wounds
which having been forcefully pushed
to the very depths of my sub-conscious
thinking that
I'd ensured their return never.

All till you came along.
You who have created
this box I am in .
Which i can't break out of.
This vicious cycle
of negativity and mental violence
that has me trapped.
This Psychic Prison
you'v created all for me
without any bars.
All with your emotional blackmail.
Misusing my trust in you
which is now replaced
with fear.
Fear, so strong
it has only now allowed
expression of the emotions.
Pent up over time.
Gushing out stronger than ever.
With intensity-impossible.
Bursting out in all directions.
In red, black and yellow.
And suddenly.
All too soon, I've mellowed.

Nothing left inside. Emptiness.
Tired of this pendulum.
Swinging within.
From one temple to the other.
To and fro.
Back and forth.

I sit blank.
Numb and dead.
Wish the anger
returned to rejuvenate.
To make me feel alive again.

See ,
How you have me chained?
Have me craving?
How you have carved
a dark,
Vile and Evil
niche for yourself
from where you watch me.
As I squirm and drown
in this quicksand
of rage.
A bottomless pit.
At the end of which
is my escape.
My Freedom.
From You.

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  1. You have very well captured the emotions... loved it because one can really feel the pain...