Friday, May 14, 2010


Alone on the edge
of a serene lake
She smiles a smile
Oh so fake!

Thoughts racing through
Inside her head
To and fro
Dont know at all
What she said

Confused and frustrated
Angry and outraged
Stifled and suffocated
dialectic thoughts
Tearing at each other
Pulling and pushing
Tugging and shoving
Ripping her apart
Her mind and her heart...

Till at Last...
After struggling
With the past
She overcomes her
innermost fears
Vices and insecurities
leading to a light
oh so very bright
Inisde her heart
In the deepest lairs

She sits in peace
Wind sifting through her hair
A spark in her eyes
As with relief she sighs

She sits by the lake
Smiles a smile
Oh so not fake!
After a long long while...

Awaiting the next drop
in her inner lake
to cause ripples
Inside, deep.. Deep

But till then,
She rejoices
In the serenity
Of her insanity...

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