Tuesday, May 04, 2010

sandgrains slipping away...

Sitting here in a room
looking out at the night
hearing the vehicles roar away
On a road nearby, unseen,
with people in them
all with their own story
Amazing how many stories there are
All going together
deviating and integrating constantly
without them even realizing
the clock's ticking away
tick tock tick tock
time's passing by
faster than any of those vehicles out there
rolling away all night long
it aint waiting for nobody
no matter how good or bad
how stupid or smart dont matter
the brainy realize this secret
utilize the sandgrains slipping
through the hourglass of life,
to the best of their ability.
the ignorant stand on the sidelines, and
watch as everything crosses them,
assuming its going to stop and wait,
just at their simplest gesture,
ignorant because they know not
what they dont know.
wise because they know that they dont know,
realize and acknowledge it,
that's what keeps them going,
in pace with the sandgrains,
if not faster..... 

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