Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dalliance with Surya

It all began that fateful day.. I had seen him for as long as my memory extends but that day was different. I really saw him then and it was a beautiful day for that. because it was a beginning of something quite un-quotidian.

Kept each other company for such a long time, like never before. we admired each other. felt each other. played hide and seek even like good old days. learnt from each other. well , cant speak for him but atleast i learnt. frolicking around, each trying to outdo the other and each succeeding or failing at one point or another.

in that melee, we touched our souls. spoke words and felt emotions no one else could hear or talk. like mother teresa said, it requires silence to touch souls. and so she was right. mine was going places and moving higher and higher..

enjoying each others' company. carefree of the world. no cares about what the world thought about this exclusive mutual admiration society.
he was stunning and grand and beautiful. even at his Zenith, in all his splendour, despite being painful to watch him, he was awesome.

Then came the Nadir... time for him to go. Contradictory as this may sound, i liked the way he looked when he was leaving. he was gentler somehow, trying to say he would miss me too while he was away at the other end of the world enchanting another. despite being hermetic, ours was quite open. there is always enough love to go around.

When the last of him was finally gone, i was left in darkness. But this darkness was also somehow beautiful. because i could feel his presence in his absence. he left, teaching me to appreciate the beauty and power and gentleness of everything around me, even in the darkness. his absence made me realise how overpowering yet spacious his presence was.

Look closer. what seems absent might actually be present and what is visible might not be what you are looking for.
Ah! Surya.. How he had left me with much food for thought and cud to chew upon until his return.
Return he will for sure. This i know. he is ubiquitous. You just have to take the first step sometimes. and you'll see.. he's there for you always... :)

(photography by AmRiTa .. during a train journey from Coimbatore to Chennai..)

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