Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tornadoes of the Mind

Reality? Realities? one world? dual? mutliple? 

perception. personality. mind. amygdala. heart. tears. hot. eyes.
vision. blurry. future. uncertain. certain. fear. freedom. rush. adrenaline. junkie. 
adventure. unknown. primitive. away. isolated. excluded. peace. 
non-mainstream. strength. courage. resistance. fantasy. duplication. standardization. factory. control.
power. politics. injustice. inhuman. dehumanization. numb. opium.
religion. bogus. hypocrisy. needless. shady. black. dark. illusion. mirage. self. oasis. 
divinity. within. without. love. content. satisfied. comfort. 
goodness. natural. inherent. higher. promotion. state-of-mind. 
fickle. fluctuation. unstable. crazy. eccentricity. escape. 
trap. society. hypnosis. process. evil. difficult. barren. superstition. 
broken. soon. necessity. who? how? where? when? what? why? which? 
chaos. confusion. anarchy. life. creativity. subjective. relative. dynamic. 
dynamite. explosive. violence. means. ends. blood. grotesque.
ugly. beauty. skin deep. conditioner. conditioning.
brainwashing. questioning. introspection. interrogation. examining. rift. 
abnormality. unusual. anger. frustration. abandonment. ideas.
blockades. threats. face. physical. mental. emotional. intellectual. 
futility. fatalistic. give-in. 
grit. determination. return. retaliate.
possibilities. victory. monotone. death.
synthesis. thesis. anti-thesis.

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