Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Like the warm sun rays on a cold winter morning
Like chocolate on a sad day
Like a cold shower on a hot day
Like hot spicy soup on a chilly night
Like the happy ending of a book
Like the surprises on a dull day
Like the hot tub and a nap after a tiring day
Like the smell of first rains on parched land
Like the feel of the thick sweater when a cold wind blows
Like the smell of the Night Queen during a nocturnal stroll
Like the rush of doing something prohibited.
Like the rush of doing something for the very first time
Like a cool breeze on a humid day
Like the tickling sensation of sand moving under your feet at the beach
Like the grand feeling of walking amidst the falling leaves
Like the joy of meeting a friend after ages
Like the excitement of finding a new idea
Like the pride in finishing something well
Like the reassuring hug during a tense moment
Like the tummy ache after guffawing and laughing for eons
Like the impish grin when I think of something mischievous
Like the productive feeling of having had a useful day
Like the ecstasy of receiving your first salary
Like the satisfaction in helping someone
Like the addiction of holding a child and causing her to smile
Like the immense happiness of knowing that someone loves you
Like the awkwardness after a new haircut
Like the first bite into a bar of chocolate that is all yours
Like the nervousness before the first kiss
Like the contentment after a thoroughly ravishing home-cooked meal
Like the laziness of being in bed on a late sunday morning
Like the peace of finishing a good piece of creative writing
Like the joy in getting compliments about your writing
Like the excitement in organizing a surprise bash for your best friend
Like the peace and comfort of being in your lover's arms
Like the joy in making one's parents happy
Like the saddistic joy in annoying one's younger brother
Like the feeling of first raindrops of on your face
Like the joy in doing childish acts
Like the instant salivation on seeing ice-cream

Like the honour of knowing and having You.
You, who are,
Like nothing or no-one else I know.

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