Monday, May 03, 2010

the wait...

It is the 10th of some month. Lost track. Its hot. So it must be one of the summer months.

The waiting. The ticking clock. Counting nano seconds. Milli-seconds. Seconds. Minutes. quarter of an hour. Half an hour. one hour. many hours. a few more . A day. two more. A week. Some more go by. 

A month. A quarter of a year. half a year. An entire year. 

And so today, another day dawns. Dull as ever. 

But wait. Is it The Day? The Time? 

Where? where is the calendar? i want to know what Now is.

Somebody tell me.


Is it only the 11th of the same some month? 

How did only one day pass? just twenty-four hours?

It felt so long. like Forever.

My mind went on a whirlwind tour.

*sigh*... another one of many that has escaped me these past long hours.

Oh! dear one!dear Sailor!

Return soon. 

Ask the waves to carry you ashore. 

Here, where I wait eagerly. 

With love, hugs and affection galore. 

Till then, 

all I do, 

Is wait. 

For multiple eternities

To pass me by....

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